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Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine (Sleeve Equipment & Label Inserting machine)

Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine (Sleeve Equipment & Label Inserting machine)

Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

Product ID: ESM-3200
Sleeve Equipment & Label Inserting machine

Suitable Applications:
For labeling empty & round bottles of food & beverages (soda, mineral water, dairy products, juice, edible oil, seasoning, etc.), cleansers and detergents, and industrial products.

Accessories (Optional)
1. Accumulating Unwind
• Available for shrink films over 60m.
• Equipped with static electricity eliminator.
• Separate feeding PLC controlling system.
2. Dryer
• The machine is equipped with stainless steel, attractive and durable.
• The position if the air nozzle could be adjusted depends in the bottle shapes.
3. Steam Shrink Tunnel
• There are tunnels of 1m, 2m and 3m which could be choose from.
• The width and height of the steam pipe is adjustable by the shrink position.

  • The machine is made of stainless steel, coated design features good looking.
  • Patent label driven and shooting roller system, performs accurate label cutting.
  • Adopt imported servo motor which increases the stability and durability.
  • Patent blade cutter design, smooth cutting, easy to replace.
  • Advanced Human-machine interface, featuring user-friendly operation.
  • Modular structure design; easy to operate and change for different shaped bottles.
  • Adapt to shrink film thickness from 0.035~0.08mm.
  • Diameter if bottle: 25~155mm is applicable.
  • The exist system is available to shrink label height under 300mm.
  • Applicable to PVC, OPS, PET and PLA shrink films.
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Model ESM-450H ESM-600P ESM-3200
Production Speed 800BPM 600BPM 200BPM
Power Consumption ~8.0KW ~12KW ~2.5KW
Main Application Size 1150 (L) × 39000 (W) × 2082 (H) mm 1200 (L) × 1200 (W) × 2300 (H) mm 840 (L) × 1000 (W) × 2100 (H) mm
Established in:2006
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer
Markets:World Wide
Main Products:Environment-Friendly Shrink Sleeve, Shrink Label, OPP Label, Packaging Machine Selling (Shrink Label Inserting Machine/ OPP Labeling Machine), OEM Label Printing and Packaging, Customized Brand Designing, Packaging Material Selling
Contact Detail
Address:No.12, Ln. 361, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County 542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)