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POF Shrink Film (Multi Pack film & Wrap Film)

POF Shrink Film (Multi Pack film & Wrap Film)

POF Shrink Film

Product ID: POF Shrink Film

Multi Pack film & Wrap Film

The features of the Multi-Pack Shrink Label are durable, waterproof, dust-free and low temperature resistance. This kind of packaging is the best choice for selling in warehouse supermarket. What’s more, it reduces the cost during packaging and delivery. Another character is that it wraps plenty of products tightly at one time. The surface of film can also print your brand, logo or any information about products. Using the shrink film is environment-friendly, increase product's efficiency. It is also excellent for products with gift attached or two for one pack. It's not only bland and non-toxic, also the popular packaging material in market.

  • Having high shrinkage ratio, suitable for packing irregular shaped and different sized products of all kinds of materials, and can be made into bags
  • High transparency, lustrous, tight sealing, having no sharp corners after shrinking
  • Resistant to low temperature, suitable for food product packaging
  • Colorful printing increases commodity efficiency
  • Suitable for all kinds of automatic packing machines save manpower and reduce cost
  • Saving cartons cost, easy transport
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Item Thickness Width Shrinkage
PVC 0.035~0.07mm 40~600mm TD 45~60% MD 0~5%
OPS 0.035~0.07mm 40~1050mm TD 45~60% MD 0~5%
PET 0.03~0.06mm 12~1050mm TD 40~70% MD 0~15%
PLA 0.035~0.07mm 40~1050mm TD 45~60% MD 0~5%
POF 0.015~0.019mm 6~30 inch TD 60~65% MD 60~65%
PE 0.04~0.25mm 200~3000mm TD 20~65% MD 20~65%
PP 0.015~0.025mm 127~1016mm TD 60~65% MD 60~65%
Established in:2006
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer
Markets:World Wide
Main Products:Environment-Friendly Shrink Sleeve, Shrink Label, OPP Label, Packaging Machine Selling (Shrink Label Inserting Machine/ OPP Labeling Machine), OEM Label Printing and Packaging, Customized Brand Designing, Packaging Material Selling
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Address:No.12, Ln. 361, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County 542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)